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          1. 百灵达XENYX系列调音台 Behringer XENYX 1202FX

            上海视听网-百灵达XENYX系列调音台 Behringer XENYX 1202FX


            Premium ultra-low noise, high headroom analog mixer

            4 state-of-the-art XENYX Mic Preamps comparable to stand-alone boutique preamps

            Neo-classic "British" 3-band EQs for warm and musical sound

            Studio-grade stereo FX processor with 100 awesome presets including reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter and various multi-effects

            FX send control per channel for internal FX processor and/or as external send

            Main mix outputs plus separate control room, phones and stereo CD/tape outputs

            CD/tape inputs assignable to main mix or control room/phones outputs

            Long-wearing 60-mm logarithmic-taper fader and sealed rotary controls

            High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life

            Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany


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              MUSIC Group’s core leadership comprises of people whose love for music and entrepreneurial drive maintain the Company's commitment to producing great-sounding, high-quality audio electronics for working musicians and audio engineers. Their diverse backgrounds and talents have synthesized into the guiding force that keeps MUSIC Group growing and achieving success year after year.

            Uli Behringer
            Founder and CEO of the MUSIC Group
            Uli Behringer has changed the pro audio industry. In the early 90’s he recognized the value and need to “play globally” by designing products in Germany while moving the sourcing and manufacturing arm to China—a pioneering move that industry leaders are following only a decade later. Uli Behringer further revolutionized the industry by offering previously high-priced professional equipment at consumer prices defining a new “Prosumer” home recording market. He introduced and manifested the company’s success formula “Double-the- Features—Half-the-Price”, thus defining incredible value for the customer and opening complete new markets. Uli Behringer was introduced to the world of music and electronics in his very early years. He later received a Masters Degree in Sound Engineering and is a classically trained pianist with a passion for jazz.

            John Q. Farina
            Chief Financial Officer of the MUSIC Group

            The MUSIC Group is proud to announce the addition of a integral member to our executive team. John Farina brings with him a unique blend of finance and operations expertise with over twenty-five years of financial management, corporate development and general management experience in both private and public high technology companies. He is skilled in expanding globally; optimizing return on sales and invested capital; instituting best practices across all financial disciplines; driving corporate finance initiatives; identifying, executing and integrating acquisitions; astutely managing external relations; and proficiently managing change. John has spent over twelve years in leading electronic manufacturing services companies; serving as President and CFO of Nam Tai Electronics Inc.; and as V.P. Finance, V.P. M&A and General Manager at Celestica Inc., where he was part of the founding management team. He also worked for thirteen years with IBM Corporation where he gained extensive experience in financial management, culminating in the role of Divisional Chief Financial Officer. John has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto and a Masters of Business Administration from York University's Schulich School of Business.

            John Farina commented: "I am looking forward to working with the visionary CEO Uli Behringer and The MUSIC Group to drive the company from Good to Great. The MUSIC Group has unlimited opportunities, in an exciting industry, to significantly grow the current world-recognized leading brands – MIDAS, KLARK TEKNIK, BEHRINGER and BUGERA, and expand into new market segments centered around the joys of making music. It is my privilege to partner with Uli and the exceptional team at The MUSIC Group in executing the Group vision to achieve outstanding results."

            Chairman and CEO Uli Behringer replied: “We are all very excited to have John on our management team. His strong financial

            David Foote
            Chief Technology Officer of the MUSIC Group
            The MUSIC Group is proud to announce the joining of another top executive. David FOOTE brings with him over 18 years of executive level IT and IS operational experience as an entrepreneur, CTO, and CEO. He has sat on both sides of the table as a founder of multiple technology startups and as an advisor to angel investors, as a developer of enterprise software, and an implementer of Tier 1 enterprise systems. David has a passion for technology driven innovation, and holds several technology patents as a primary inventor. He studied at the University of California, Berkeley, California and graduated with a B.S. Cellular and Microbiology emphasis in Neurobiology.

            David FOOTE commented: "I am looking forward to working with CEO Uli BEHRINGER and The MUSIC Group to enable the group vision of pushing the boundaries of automation and efficiency to deliver high quality and cost competitive pro audio products. It’s an exciting time in the pro audio market place as technology innovations, mobile computing, and social networking are transforming the industry and introducing new market segments to the joys of making music. At the same time advances in enterprise software and cloud computing provide significant opportunities for IS and IT to drive bottom line business value. It is my privilege to be able to execute Uli’s vision and work with the team at The MUSIC Group on initiatives spanning back office business transformation to consumer facing innovation."

            Chairman and CEO Uli BEHRINGER replied: “I have known David for many years and he is one of the most capable and well-rounded individuals I have ever met. David has the rare skill to understand both the commercial and technological aspect of a business. Technology only makes sense when it improves efficiency to free up time for human beings to focus on creativity.”

            He continues: “The MUSIC Group has very aggressive goals in implementing state-of-the-art ERP/MRP systems plus interlinking them with Product Life Cycle and Content Management systems in order to get total visibility into every aspect of our business so our end customers will get visibility right down to the production floor where his/her product is manufactured. We are extremely excited about the implementation of our new Group Vision and David is the perfect man for the job.”