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          1. 产品介绍

            The BaseStation allows you to mount your iPad to a table top base to use and charge. The mounting and induction charging ring provides a connection point for a Sleeve. Made of brushed aluminum, the BaseStation looks great with all your Apple products.

            BaseStation Features:
            * Wireless Inductive charging and mounting for iPad 2
            * Magnetic table top mounting station
            * Effortless mounting and removal
            * 360? rotation allows the iPad to be in either portrait or landscape orientations while mounted
            * Maintains total iPad functionality while charging
            BaseStation Includes:
            * Extruded aluminum base station with brushed finish
            * Power supply

            Weight: 3.6 lbs..
            Height: 13.3mm
            Width: 127mm
            Depth: 151 mm


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